Monday 22 February 2021

The Mind's Eye by Miles M Hudson


Today sees the launch of the Blogtour for Miles M Hudson's sequel to 2089, The Mind's Eye 

 In Hudson's climate changed future everything you see, say, do, think is recorded and available for all to see but what if the tech that gave us this was hacked? What if you were seen to be doing things, committing crimes against the state say, but there was no way it could be you? Who can you trust in this distopian future? 

 Those are the questions facing Vicky as she sees her old friend Jack committing crimes she would not have thought him capable of. At the end of the previous book Jack was exiled to an island in the Bristol Channel so Vicky sets out to bring him back and together they are once again on the run, trying to prove Jack's innocence and find out who or what is really behind it all. 

 What really interested me with this book and 2089 before it was the author's vision of how climate change has altered our landscape. This is not a Britain that you instantly recognise from how it is today but still leaves you 'aware' of where you are. When you overlay this with the way tech has evolved it makes for a scary but believable future (especially when you consider that, in the scheme of things, 2089 isn't that far away). 

 Due to the tension and the chase this was a book I got through fairly quickly but thoroughly enjoyed. Reading 2089 before this isn't essential but is recommended (if only because that too is a cracking read). The ending left me hoping for more in the story of Vicky and Jack so fingers crossed 

Highly Recommended 4.3/5*

 Thanks, as always, to Anne Cater for inviting me onto this tour and please check out the posts by the other bloggers (below) 

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