Sunday 15 June 2014

The Slowest Cut by Catriona King (a review)

This, the 6th book in the Marc Craig Crime Series is, by a long way, the darkest yet.
It starts, as all good murder mysteries do, with a body. The body in this case belonging to a school headmistress, Eileen Carragher. The murder has been a long and torturous process involving lots (and I mean lots) of cuts to the body and finishing off with one final, fatal cut. More bodies follow, killed in the same way and secrets of the lives of the victims come to the fore. Who are the bad people - the victims or the killers.
This is not a book of black and white - the grey line down the middle plays a much bigger part, but, having said that, the ending, when it comes is the right one. Satisfactory and very well done.
As is often the case with these books the dark storyline is tempered with a happy side story for one of the team (but I'm not saying who obviously!!). These parts were wonderfully written, with a hint of magic that really shines through.
Another winner from Catriona King - bring on the next!!!