Wednesday 1 November 2017

Stay Happy by James Josiah - A Review

 This, even several weeks after finishing it, has not been an easy book to review. Mostly because whatever I say carries the risk of spoilers and although I will try my best you may want to read the book first... and you will want to read this book!

It starts with the birth of Ryan AndErsen's daughter and goes through the challenges of coping through Ryan's eyes. The first part of the book is quite humorous in places and goes along at a pleasant pace but you get the idea there is a 'game changing moment's coming and it approaches with the inevitability of a slow motion car crash. You can see what is coming but, much as you may want to, you cannot look away.

 From that moment the story changes a lot as Ryan tries to cope with the aftermath.

Stay Happy is a well written tale that will drag you through the emotional wringer, a story with all the 'feels'.

I will certainly be looking out for more from James Josiah