Friday 5 February 2021

The Last Snow by Stina Jackson


 In a semi-derelict hovel in the Swedish woodlands near Ödesmark a woman, Luv, lives with her crochety (and that's being polite) father and her illegitimate son. It's possible that, despite appearances, they are sitting on a fortune and although she could have fled this horrible life she still stays. This is her story. 

 Told in a mix of flashbacks and the present time (and also, quite a lot of 'inner dialogue') it took me a while to get going with this story but when things started to flow it really picked up. 

   The possible fortune, alluded to above, if it exists, belongs to Vidar, the father, which I guess explains why Liv does not leave. The thing with fortunes though is that other people want some too and someone is coming for Vidar and his . . . 

  I must admit I do like Scandi-Noir so this ticked a lot of boxes for me but where it excelled was the description of the scenery - good enough to almost make you think you were there. This more than made up for the early lull in pace. Also, the ending caught me out after I'd been flip flopping between how I thought things would work out (and getting it totally wrong). 

 Recommended 4/5*


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