Friday 11 December 2020

Belvedor and the Four Corners by Ashleigh Bello


In the Four Corners, in the land of Olleb-Yelfra everyone is born a slave. The only way out is to enter Free Fall Day when you reach the age of 18. This is exactly what Arianna Belvedor plans to do. She's an accomplished fighter but, as you would expect, fate throws a massive spanner in the works. The only option is for Ari and her new found friends (one from each of the other three corners) to escape... 

There is a lot good with this story. World building and character development both work well for a YA novel. The idea that magic has been banished from the land and that Ari and co. will be the ones to bring it back has been done many times before but the story telling is enough to make it feel fresh. I guess the idea of Free Fall day will make it reminiscent of Hunger Games (never read those though so I could be wrong) but hey, give the people what they want. 

As book 1in a series BatFC did enough to make me feel I will be picking up the next volume when it comes out


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