Sunday 9 September 2012

The Diamond Seekers by Coles and Everett (a review)

Five years ago, Phillip Madden, MI5 cryptographer, and his wife and son were involved in a car crash which only Phillip survived.

Move to the present and Madden is now retired and living in Yorkshire tending his garden. When he gets a phone call from someone claiming to be a son he never new he had his previous life catches up with him again.

This is a good, fast paced, twisty-turney spy novel that keeps you guessing right up to the end.
What really impressed me with this novel is that no-one is clear-cut good or bad, all just various shades of grey. The good guys are good but not saintly. Il Principe, the villain of the piece, is nasty but the people around him in his little "kingdom" are all treat well.

It is not always clear who is on which side and I often found myself not trusting anyone and expecting twists that sometimes came and sometimes didn't.

This is the first book I have read by Coles and Everett but it will not be the last.

Saturday 8 September 2012

Dream On by Terry Tyler (a review)

Dream On is the fourth novel from Terry Tyler and well up to her usual standard.

The story revolves around Dave Bentley, his partner Janice, son Harley and his Rock Band Thor. Dave has been thrown out by Janice but there are signs they may be getting back together (which they both want)......then Alison (now calling herself Ariel) Swan, Dave's first love turns up back on the scene!

The band, Ariel and her friend all enter a tv contest to find new talent (similar but different from the X-Factor) and there is also an appearance on the Jremy Kyle show which was highly entertaining. Throw in the early days of MySpace and Facebook and you have a winning combination.

Good characterisation, place settings that feel real and the promise of a sequel - all left me very happy indeed

And They All Lived Happily Ever After by Crystal Connor (a review)

This first short story collection from Spectrum Trilogy author Crystal Connor is a winner from the get go.
The book starts off with The Lazarus Antidote, set after the Zombie Apocalypse as scientists are trying to find a cure, but tracking the doctors and scientists down is The Dragon. This is a very atmospheric tale that draws you in and doesn't let go.
Best Friends Forever is sinister and twisty fun.
The Christmas Wish has a different take on Santa and naughty children that I found really enjoyable.
Amber's New Friend is (possibly) the best ghost story I have ever read - a really well told tale
With this collection Crystal Connor takes another step towards getting the recognition she deserves as a teller of wonderous tales. There are more stories than those mentioned above (14 in total), the above are just a taster and the book finishes with "Notes From The Author" where Ms. Connor talks a little about the stories and, for me, this insight just adds to the depth of the stories.