Monday 22 February 2021

Smoke Screen by Horst and Enger


 It is New Year's Eve in Oslo and both Alexander Blixx (police) and Emma Ramm (online journalist) are, separately, attending the annual firework display. It doesn't take long before things go awry and an explosion, thought to be terrorism related, rips through the night causing death and injury amongst the revellers. One of the injured happens to be the mother of a two year old who hasn't been seen for ten years, a cold case that still haunts Blixx to this day. Is it a terrorist attack as all are led to believe or is it something more personal? 

 I must say I really enjoyed this mystery. With two different authors, one (I believe) ex police and one ex journalist it seems each take one of the lead characters and transfer their skills to them making two distinct individuals but still making a story that flows well and feels more of a whole than two separate parts bashed together. 

 The mystery kept me gripped and guessing all the way and I enjoyed seeing the dynamic between Blixx and Ramm playing out. 

 Very Good 4/5*

 Thanks, as always to Anne Cater for inviting me onto this tour and please check out the posts by the other Bloggers on the tour (below) 

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