Wednesday 24 February 2021

Dead Moon by Keith Crawford


Welcome to the end of the world. This Sci-fi novel is set in a future where aliens have done what they always do in these situations (invade Earth) and now their craft, the Dead Moon of the title, is falling apart and will crash to Earth wiping out humanity as it does so. 

 Humanity is to be kept in the dark though as two of the heroes of the war, Jude and Hamid are sent of on a massive media tour to convince people that all is well, "as you were, carry on regardless" etc. 

 Watching the characters develop as the world crumbles around them made them feel more alive. Plenty of action and a sense of impending doom made for a fast paced final two thirds of the book after a slow but steady start. 

 I'll certainly be looking out for more from this author. 

Trigger warning for PTSD and Alcoholism. 

For the duration of this tour the ebook version of Dead Moon is 99p

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