Wednesday 16 August 2023

Bride of the Tornado by James Kennedy



"In a small town tucked away in the midwestern corn fields, the adults whisper about Tornado Day. Our narrator, a high school sophomore, has never heard this phrase but she soon discovers its terrible meaning: a plague of sentient tornadoes is coming to destroy them. 

The only thing that stands between the town and total annihilation is a teen boy known as the tornado killer. Drawn to this enigmatic boy, our narrator senses an unnatural connection between them. But the adults are hiding a secret about the origins of the tornadoes and the true nature of the tornado killer—and our narrator must escape before the primeval power that binds them all comes to claim her"


Ok, first up, I am not quite at the end of this novel yet, it's a Netgalley copy and, unfortunately, not an easy copy to read (happens sometimes with NG, life goes on) so it's taking longer than planned to finish. There's also the fact that I seem to have to keep going back with a ' . . .WTF just happened!'

I was unsure whether the narrator was of the 'reliable' type and I'm still not quite sure to be honest. All that being said, I am really enjoying it so far. 

Bride of the Tornado is weird - sentient tornados, just one boy who can battle and beat them (so far, so Buffy the Tornado Slayer)  and a town with a deep dark secret. Yup, that's right up my street but the deeper I get into the story the weirder it gets and I'm hoping it doesn't go completely off the chart by the end. 

The narrator holds the story together well as we find out what is happening at the same time as them for the most part and her attraction to the tornado killer feels a palpable thing - not always an easy thing to pull off amongst all the weirdness.

A big plus for BotT is the cover art - how fantastic is that?

If you like your fiction on the weird side you are gonna love this