Saturday 6 February 2021

Dragon Mage by ML Spencer -early thoughts


 I usually save my thoughts on a book until I have finished but Dragon Mage is soooooo special I feel I have to say something now. 

 What has really got me excited about this book is the author's ability to paint pictures with words. I am lucky (I think) in that my imagination is such that I read in 3D Cinemascope with surround sound (meaning the book comes alive in my mind's eye) but the list of author's who take it to this level is a select one. It's the author's ability to take you into the story to such an extent that you (well, me anyway) feel that you are actually there.

 I have just read a section where the lead character meets a dragon to possibly fly it for the first time and the interaction between the two is so charged with electricity, passion, feeling - call it what you will it is an amazing piece of writing.

 To say Dragon Mage is stunning is no understatement 

 Full review will appear on here when I've finished the book but I already know this is a bookworld I will not want to leave. 

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