Monday 20 August 2012

A Limited Justice by Catriona King (a review)

A Limited Justice

A man murdered outside his shop in Belfast, A WPC drowned and possibly raped found in the River Bann.

Two cases with apparently no links in this gripping first case for DCI Marc Craig. When the murderer strikes closer to home, with an attempt on a fellow police officer it becomes a race to find the killer before more bodies turn up.

This first novel by former police forensic medical examiner Catriona King is a tightly written, fast paced novel that reveals just enough along the way to keep you guessing until the unexpected reveal.

The characters of Marc Craig and his team, both police and civilian, are believable and have a depth to them that other authors don't always capture. Each character comes across as an individual, each with something different to bring to the team. I am hoping there will be many more stories to follow this one as the tale leaves us with unfinished business with some team members.

As for the murderer - as the story unfolds and you get to the reasons behind the crimes committed, you may get to thinking "what would I do under the same circumstances" and you may be surprised at the answer you come up with.

As a novel - a fantastic achievement. As a first novel - even more so. There is a new star on the scene and a brightly shining one at that.

Belfast needs its' own detective - and in DCI Marc Craig it now has one

Wednesday 15 August 2012

RIP Harry Harrison

Woke up today to the news that author Harry Harrison has passed away at the age of 87. Mr Harrison was the author that moved my reading from Dr Who novelisations to Science Fiction as a much younger man.
I first came to his work via 2000AD comic who ran a comic strip based on The Stainless Steel Rat and ,later, further adventures of  "Slippery" Jim diGriz (the aforementioned Rat).
For bringing me to mainstream sci fi I will always be grateful.

Rest In Peace Harry Harrison and thanks for the stories

Song of the Shaman by Robert Franks (a review)

This book is the third in the Glass Apple series and takes place a bout 18 months after book 2.

Anna is still missing in time and Jason, Kylie and Jason's friend the librarian Ant travel back to early America, hoping to find her (although Ant doesn't really want to).

Gobswhistle and Etain remain in the here and now with another new character, the American Emma who is missing her husband and son.

For me, the sections with Gobswhistle et al were the highlight of this book as they seemed to be followed by carnage, chaos, destruction and general mayhem but in a mostly comical way.

The threat of The Medb is still there and there is a nice twist at the end that sets both story strands up nicely for book four, and for me book four cannot come soon enough.

An excellent addition to an excellent series. If you haven't dipped into the world of The Glass Apple yet I can highly recommend it.

Wednesday 1 August 2012

The Coffee Shop by Lauren Hunter (a review)

A very cleverly told tale of boy meets girl with a supernatural twist.

Derrick meets Annie when he visits a different coffee shop to usual. They get on like a house on fire but's all a dream.

On waking, he leaves his apartment and due to a traffic problem he visits the coffee shop he dreamt of last night and his dream comes to pass....and that's when things start to get really interesting.

In the dream Derrick and Annie were together for 5 months but when he makes small adjustments to events the future he has is not the future of the dream. As Derrick tries to change things back there is a lot of to-ing and fro-ing which can get a tad confusing at times but all comes together later on.
I felt that this story could become a film very easily and hope it does.

I found this to be a very enjoyable read and not easy to put down. Highly recommeneded