Tuesday 7 January 2020

The God Game by Danny Tobey

 Welcome to Day 2 of the Blogtour for Danny Tobey's novel The God Game.

Right from the off I was intrigued by the idea for this book. Charlie and his friends are the typical nerds/computer geeks/gamer types but also their High School's prankers. All is going along swimmingly for them until Peter introduces them to online concept 'The G.O.D. Game'.

It seems someone has created a programme that works as if it is God itself. The idea is that G.O.D. gives you a task to complete for rewards but once you are in there is no way out. The tasks get bigger, the rewards likewise but the tasks can hurt other people and if you try to back out their are 'results' for you - and it is never good.

As the gang get in deeper their lives start to crumble and this is where, for me, the story really kicks off. It's uncomfortable reading at times but in a way that kept me hooked.

I won't begin to try and tell you about the computer tech side of things because at times it was beyond me (but, hey, I'm in my 50's so never really got into this kind of thing) but it didn't stop this from being a cracking story, a great start to 2020 and a story I can see being massive.

Thanks to Stevie Finegan at Gollancz for providing the review copy and inviting me onto the Blogtour. Please try and find the time to have a look at the other reviews on the tour

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