Friday, 17 January 2020

Critical Incidents by Lucie Whitehouse

 Welcome to Day 9 of the Blogtour for Lucie Whitehouse'Critical Incidents.

DI Robin Lyons has been sacked from  from her job Met. (Homicide and Major Crimes dept.) in London and with nowhere left to go has to return home to her parents in Birmingham with her 13yr old daughter in tow.

She manages to get some work as a Private Detective but it is mainly benefit fraud cases. Alongside these she also takes on a missing person case, her old friend has been killed in a house fire, her husband is missing and their son is in hospital. By this point it's all getting very busy indeed but despite this the author manages to keep it all tied together quite well.

With Robin back in Birmingham a lot of 'past history' is raked up as she continues to investigate and often treads on the toes of the local police (led by the love of her teenage life who dumped her out of the blue), but that's what you come to expect from these kinds of tale and it adds to the tension at times.

The characters and their actions seemed believable for the most part and I did enjoy the book although it got a little confusing at times with the different story strands but that's probably because I was rushing the pages along to get to the end.

Dependable Detective Fiction 3.5/5*
 Thanks to Martina Ticic for inviting me onto this Blogtour and please try and find the time to check out the reviews by the other bloggers on this tour

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