Monday 13 January 2020

Loot & I'm With The Band by Barry Faulkner

 Welcome to Day 1 of the Blogtour for books 5&6 in the DCS Palmer/Serial Murder Squad books.

As you may guess from the title this is part of a series. The books are fairly short but pack plenty in.

Loot has Palmer and his second I command DS Gheeta Singh chasing stolen WW2 Nazi gold and solving murders that may well be linked to the case. A twisty tale well told

With book 2, I'm With The Band is a slightly different scene. This one revolves around the titular band Revolution. They've been around for 40 years and are still playing to massive crowds but someone is killing off original members. Can Palmer and Singh get to the bottom of it all before it's too late? This story gives Singh a chance to step to the forefront with her tech skills as Palmer isn't up to much with computers and the killer is taunting them on social media.

When I first got the chance to be on this Blogtour I decided to get the first 4 in the series just incase there was a running theme but they all stand alone so can be read separately (but do yourself a favour and get the early ones too).

As the stories are quite shortish they are perfect for days off


 Thanks as always to Anne Cater for inviting me onto the tour and please, if you can, take a look at the reviews from the other bloggers

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