Friday, 27 July 2018

Snapshot - A Brandon Sanderson Novella

 Brandon Sanderson is probably best known for his big, sprawling Cosmere series and they are something he does well... but then there are his novellas and for me that's where he really comes into his own.

 Snapshot is a case in point. I only found out about it yesterday and in one sitting it was gone but this is a tale that will be staying with me for a long time.

 In the near future a machine has been built that can create a snapshot (hence the title) of a single day, populated by 'dupes' - duplicate copies of the populace who will cease to exist once the Snapshot is turned off. Into the Snapshot can be inserted Davis and Chaz, two law officers who investigate what crimes and gather clues that can help get a prosecution 'IRL' (In Real Life). In this particular Snapshot though they come across a crime they are told to keep well away from, a case that may involve the police IRL. What happens when they go against orders?... SPOILERS!! Yeah, you'll have to read this for yourself as, if I reveal any more it really will ruin the tale for you.

So, in short, Sanderson does Sci-Fi mixed with Crime Fiction, and does it very well indeed. Do yourself a favour and get hold of this novella as soon as you can. I'm still getting my brain round it now.


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