Tuesday 31 July 2018

Now You See Her by Heide Perks

 Harriet needs someone to look after her young daughter while she attends a course. Her best friend, Charlotte, is more than happy to help out. All is well and good until Charlotte takes her eye off her for a brief moment and Alice (the daughter) vanishes.

Obviously both women are distraught, a huge wedge has been driven into their (former) friendship but it may just be that they are the only two people who can get a positive result from the situation.

As the story begins it is two weeks after the event and both women are being questioned by police. The early parts are mainly told in flashback as Charlotte and Harriet relate their version of events. It soon becomes apparent that there is more going on here than a straightforward child abduction.

I'll be honest, this one had me guessing till quite late on in the narrative. Right from the off it makes for a quite uncomfortable read as both women try to come to terms with what has happened. As the mystery unravelled I did find myself having a few later nights than I had intended as things got just that little bit more twisty and dark. It's one of those books that just keeps you wanting ' just one more page's.

Heidi Perks is certainly an author I will be keeping an eye on.

Highly recommended



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