Friday 27 July 2018

Disbelief by MJT Meijer - a blog tour review

First and foremost, thanks to Anne Cater and Crimson Cloak Publishing for inviting me onto this blog tour. Now, down to business...

Disbelief was, for me, quite an intriguing novel. With multiple killings at religious sites around the world, an artist who, seemingly, paints the killings, quite unknowingly, before they happen, a serial killer leaving bodies in Amsterdam hotel rooms and a psychic who is helping the police solve the Amsterdam crimes this could have been an overly ambitious effort but, somehow the author manages to pull it all together, and in a way that works well.

In true thriller style it all leads to a dash around various cities and sites worldwide in the hopes of saving the day and, I'll be honest, it was a dash that kept me up reading late into the night,  needing to know 'what next?'

What lead me to look up this book in the first place was, I'll be honest, the fact that some of it was set in Amsterdam, one of my favourite cities. What could have put me off was that it sounded a bit 'Dan Brownish' - I am not a fan of Mr Brown's books or writing style. Thankfully the city won out and this turned out to be a cracking tale with good characters and a pace that, as I said, kept me turning the page long after I should have been asleep.

If you like Dan Brown's novels you'll love this, if you don't then let this book show you how it should be when it is done right.

I'll certainly be looking out for the next in the series

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