Monday, 17 December 2012

The Grass Tattoo by Catriona King (a review)

This is the second book to feature D C I Marc Craig and his team, the first being A Limited Justice.

It begins with a dead body left at the seat of the Irish Parliament, Stormont. The victim is the wife of a Belfast politician and we are led into a trail of fraud, deceit and general nastiness.

As before, the author paints the characters really well, the good guys are good, the bad guys are really despicable but where she really excels is the people in the middle, the 'do-ers' A good part of the latter end  of the book deals with the why of the actions of the criminals and when the reasons are revealed it's really heart-ripping stuff.

Also, the interactions between the team members at C C U are as sharp as in the previous book. You get the feeling that these could be real people and I know I will want to be spending more time with them in the future - this is a series that could run and run.

(And one particular interaction actually had me punching the air in happiness for the characters but I won't say who - that'd spoil the fun for you.)

With A Limited Justice, Cat King was the 'new kid on the block', now, with The Grass Tattoo she's proved she can stand shoulder to shoulder with the best.

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