Monday 31 December 2012

The Armpits Are Electric by Ian Turner (a review)

Back in the early 1980's  The City School, Sheffield spawned two legends of Rock - one of those, Pulp, went on to dominate the charts (ish!) and have worldwide fame................................this is NOT there story.

This book covers the entire career, from formation to the split of the mighty Electric Armpits and through to the (very) short lived reformation. It is a humourous look back at the Sheffield of the time and captures those times well.

By all accounts the band were, to say the least, musically challenged, but that actually adds to the charm of the story. Ian Turner, the author was an integral part of the Armpits and these are his memories and his story but he is also a very, very funny writer. So funny in fact that I was getting odd looks from people on the bus as I chuckled my way through it (and I missed my stop too - it really is that good!)

Also, there is a chapter on the Armpit's warm-up act Dave Barker (of  Dave and The Dance Of the 7 Overcoats infamy) which brought back memories of one of the big characters of my schooldays.

All said, this is a wonderful trip down memory lane and one that anybody who was part of the Armpit scene ought to try and get a copy but is also a must read for any who like a good, fun read.

Probably the funniest book I have read this year.

Just hoping Ian will now write a book on the exploits of Dave

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