Friday 13 May 2022

Children of Pisces - R E Lewin



 It's 2070 and our post-apocalyptic world is different. Aliens secretly invaded with a lethal biological weapon. A terrifying virus annihilated almost every living creature in its path. People still believe it was a natural virus, oblivious to aliens and the truth. Humanity's survival is in the hands of the alliance, a team of humans and aliens who stand against the evil arch-enemy alien leader. Orphaned children are raised in army-style schools. But from this barren wasteland, a few shall rise...

 Tammy and Mikie are half-human and half-alien siblings, with immense metaphysical powers and a crystal weapon. Their powers are extraordinary alone, but together they are unstoppable. At twelve, these two are already too powerful to ignore. Can Mikie overcome his inner conflict? Will his compulsion to protect put those closest to him in even more danger? Can Tammy rise above her animal instincts and maintain her humanity? This adventure will take them across the world and maybe into the stars beyond. They must reunite their family and decide where their loyalties lie. The seekers are coming...

My Thoughts

So, here we have a future where the world (possibly ours, possibly our world one step sideways) where Earth has been ravaged by a virus (COVID? Possibly, you decide) and very few remain. This virus was part of an alien invasion and now it is time for humans to fight back with some super powered children. 

Ok, that may be over-simplified but you get the idea. What this book covers well, in my opinion, is change. Specifically how children change as they are growing up, the way they think and act (the age range for this book is 10-14yrs) and Lewin does this well. I liked the way different children had different abilities and how they could work together with these.

Most of all though I liked the fact that here is a very good story in a well realised future. I am certainly looking forward to more from T E Lewin.

Recommended 4/5*

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