Wednesday 30 June 2021

Pariah's Lament by Richie Billing


Book Description:

“So often it’s the forgotten who possess the power to change the world.”

When an attempt is made on the life of Ashara, Keeper of Yurr, his young, hapless advisor Edvar must uncover and stop those behind it. With enemies in the capital city and the belligerent Tesh, Keeper of neighboring kingdom Karrabar stirring trouble in the Borderlands, can Edvar hold together Ashara’s brittle reign? 

The troubles ripple throughout Yurr, affecting an ancient race of people known as the Amast, who in their time of utmost need, turn to pariah Isy for salvation. Rejected by society, kith and kin, can Isy guide the Amast to safety during the greatest turmoil Yurr has known since the War of the Damned?

My thoughts:

One of my big favourites with fantasy fiction is World Building, opening the pages of a new book and being taken somewhere different. If it's done right you can start to feel 'at home' straight away and that was certainly the case with Pariah's Lament. 

 Seeing the two lead characters; Edvar, advisor to The Keeper, and Isy, outcast from her people because they thing her facial birth mark is a curse, grow throughout the novel - yup, my kind of fantasy story. 

 Edvar in particular fitted well with me as he seems to have a problem with believing in his abilities but has to do what needs doing to find out who is behind the assassination attempt on the keeper. 

Richie Billing has created something a bit special here (in my opinion) 5/5*

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  1. Hey Andy! I've only just seen this so please accept my apologies for the delay!

    Thank you so, so much for your very kind words. I'm thrilled to hear you enjoyed the book, the worldbuilding in particular—always one of the hardest parts of writing fantasy. You can never be sure whether you've hit the right balance between too much and too little.

    Thank you so much again!