Sunday 2 May 2021

New Books In The Mail This Week

 I sometimes think our Postman might really regret getting up some mornings (although, to be fair, he always delivers the mail with a smile). Over the past 3 days he has had 6 book packages to deliver and the majority are chonkers. Here's the pile

See what I mean? Of those 6 there was only 1 that would fit through the letterbox! Just how I like it 😉😂

First to arrive was The Tyrant by Seth Dickinson (Tor, 13th May 2021)

First things first, HOW GORGEOUS IS THAT COVER?

Right, now I've got that out of my system, The Tyrant is the third in a fantasy quartet that follows Baru Cormorant on her quest to destroy the Imperial Republic of Falcrest from the inside. I've really enjoyed the two previous volumes in this series and I've no doubt The Tyrant will be just as good.

Next delivery was one I had been particularly waiting for

2019's Master of Sorrows was Justin Call's debut and my choice for Book of the Year. Master Artificer picks up exactly where MoS finished so I can't say much for fear of spoilers for those who haven't read MoS yet (seriously, go find a copy, you won't regret it). What I will say is that this volume moves out into the wider world that JC has created and so far I'm loving it. This is out from Gollancz on the 6th of May and I aim to have a partial review at least by then.

And then came Saturday... I saw the Postman come to our shared drive... and walk straight past! But I wasn't overly concerned, I have plenty of reading material for the weekend.

Then, half an hour later, a knock at the door... Postie is back and this time he's brought his van! Yup, Saturday was an Epic Delivery Day. Four parcels!!

First up

The House of Always is the fourth I Jenn Lyons' Chorus of Dragons series (I think there will be five but don't quote me on that). This series has everything - Gods, Monsters, Dragons, Quests, Magic Weapons, Footnotes, Epic World building (and possibly world destroying) with a great cast of characters. I've been hooked since book 1 (A Ruin of Kings) so this has always been high up on my I Want It And I Want It Now!! list. And again, how stunning is the cover art here.

THoA is released on 13th May from Tor

Day Zero by C Robert Cargill (Gollancz 20th May) is the sequel to Sea of Rust

Day Zero is the story of the day (or days possibly) leading up to the Robot Revolution and tells the story of Pounce, a young Nannybot who finds a box in the attic that shows something he didn't know - when his young charge is grown Pounce will be discarded. Will he join the revolution or lead his charge to safety?

Must say I'm very much liking the sound of this one.

Chuck Wendig's Wanderers was a cracking read, compared by many to King's The Stand and I have to agree. It really was that good. So when I heard of The Book of Accidents (Del Rey 20th July) trying for a review copy was a no-brainer.

In short Nathan and Maddie didn't have great childhoods but now they are married and forgetting all about the past. Until Nathan's father dies, passes the family home to them and they return home (seriously, when will people ever learn, it's never going to end well!! I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm glad characters make these stupid decisions, we wouldn't have these fantastic scary stories without them but, ye gods and sweaty socks, couldn't you just bang their heads together). Anyhoo, before too long the past comes back to haunt them and their son is involved too. I am really, really looking forward to getting my teeth into this, I think it's gonna be a belter.

Finally we have The Mash House by Alan Gillespie (Unbound, 6th May) 

I'll let the blurb speak for this one

'Cullrothes, in the Scottish Highlands, where Innes hides a terrible secret from his girlfriend Alice, a gorgeous, cheating, lying schoolteacher. In the same village, Donald is the aggressive distillery owner, who floods the country with narcotics alongside his single malt; when his son goes missing, he becomes haunted by an anonymous American investor intent on purchasing the Cullrothes Distillery by any means necessary. Schoolgirl Jessie is trying to get the grades to escape to the mainland, while Grandpa counts the days left in his life.

This is a place where mountains are immense and the loch freezes in winter. A place with only one road in and out. With long storms and furious midges and a terrible phone signal. The police are compromised, the journalists are scum, and the innocent folk of Cullrothes tangle themselves in a fermenting barrel of suspicion, malice and lies.'

Now, it's no secret I like my crime Tartan and I like it Noir (the Noirer the better if I'm being honest) and The Mash House looks like it could be all that and more. I read the first chapter just to get a feel and I honestly can't wait to get back into it

So, there we are, 6 book packages delivered in 3 days, well over 2000 pages to go at - yup, that's what I call a good end to the week.

Reviews will be posted here when the books are read 

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