Thursday 20 May 2021

And It's A Beautiful Day - A Fargo Companion by Nige Tassell


 This wonderful little book is, as the title suggests, a companion guide to the film that made the Coen's - Fargo. It's hard to believe that the film is 25 years old (but that may be, to me, because I only got to watching it after seeing the first series of the TV show) 

 Over 43 chapters the author takes us through the movie, starting with when he first saw it on the opening day right through to 'the afterlife' where he looks at what happened to the characters, the location and the actors when the cameras stopped rolling and also takes a look at the 'True Story' Fargo is based around. 

 As a former Minessota resident Tassel is well placed to tell of the area, the places and the weather of the State so it brings for an insightful depth of vision to the book. Studying the characters and asking what makes them tick, why did they do what they did but in short chapters means the flow of the book continues at a steady pace but doesn't leave the reader bogged down in details. 

 I enjoyed Fargo when I first saw it but watched it again after finishing this book and loved it even more so I guess Mr Tassell has done what he set out to achieve, giving the reader and the viewer a deeper understanding of the wonderful world of Fargo



Thanks, as always to Anne Cater for inviting me onto the tour and for Polaris for supplying the review copy. 
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