Tuesday 17 November 2020

The Beach Party Mystery by Peter Bartram


It's the Swinging Sixties and Brighton is getting ready for a massive beach party with one of the biggest names in rock set to headline. Our intrepid hero, newspaper hack Colin Crampton is covering the story as putting one too many noses out of joint has seen him moved to the paper's Entertainment section. 

Before too long though he's up to his ears in trouble and mystery solving - and a cracking story unfolds. 

I will admit here and now that my taste in crime fiction is usually a bit more 'modern day' than this but something about this book intrigued me. The feel of the story was spot on, the 60s vibe resonating through the pages and the lack of tech really made a refreshing change. There was a good level of humour alongside the action and the sleuthing and although it did seem a tad silly at times I enjoyed it. I will certainly be looking out for more in this series. 

3.8/5* A good read

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