Monday 16 November 2020

Bury Them Deep by James Oswald


There's something big going down in Edinburgh, it's 'need to know' and, as if that's not enough, a civilian member of staff at the Edinburgh nick has gone missing.

Obviously Tony McLean is, as usual, up to his neck in it, getting a strip torn off him by his superiors and, well... just being Tony really. 

As usual for this series there is a weird vibe to the story but not as supernatural as some and it did catch me out a few times which is always appreciated. 

So, yeah, I enjoyed this as much as I have all the McLean series. Oswald has built up a good set and I will be looking out for the next when it comes out next year. 

Highly recommended 4.3/5*

 During the early part of this year, as you know, the country went into Lockdown due to this bloody virus and because of this I had to Shield for just over 4 months due to health issues. During this time I got through a lot of books (and I mean A LOT! - well, I was stuck at home the sun was shining and I had a lawn chair - What's a Wyrm to do 😉). It was in the early days of Shielding I discovered the Tony McLean books and James Oswald's other crime fiction and I have devoured them all. Books have the power to take you away from the day to day world and even if the places you visit in books are grim at times that escape is sometimes just what you need to get by. Oswald's books (among others) were what I needed when I needed them so James, if you're reading this, I tip my hat to you Sir and say thank you 

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