Monday, 21 June 2021

Dragon Mage by ML Spencer


One thing I really love about fantasy fiction is the size and scope of the thing. Nothing ever needs to be too big or too wide ranging. And size was one of the things that struck me about Dragon Mage when I first saw it. I mean, look at that cover art!! Epic in every sense of the word. 

And it gets better - the book is an absolute chonker. It's massive. And obviously, something that big and that stunning looking, I had to have it. 

The story is set in a world (or two worlds that were one) torn apart with a practically impenetrable 'veil' between them. In one our hero, Aram Raythe, is a misfit (pretty much on the autistic spectrum) who has a fixation of sorts with knots. Long story short he unpicks a part of the veil and ends up in 'world 2' where his skills/ability mean he may be able to become the titular Dragon Mage, the first in many, many years - and just what they need right now as trouble comes a knocking in the shape of a dark god. 

What really impressed me with DM (apart from the size and the cover art) 
was just how visual the whole thing was. It takes a special kind of author to not only take me into the story but also to put me side by side with the characters and scenery, to make the whole thing a living, breathing experience. The moment I stood on the cliff edge and looked down into the chasm below really sealed the deal for me. 

It's no surprise to say I fell in love with this book and cannot recommend it highly enough. If anything is going to beat it to my Book of the Year for 2021 it's going to have to be exceptional 

7/5* (my blog, my rules 😉) 

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