Tuesday 7 June 2016

Last Call At The Nightshade Lounge by Paul Krueger - A Review

Well, I didn't know quite what to expect when this popped through my letterbox. The press release seemed to be selling it as a Buffy The Vampire Slayer style urban fantasy set in the bars of Chicago (So, Buffy The Bartender I guess). Thankfully I'm a big Buffy fan so decided to give it a go - good choice as it turns out.

The story itself revolves around Bailey Chen, a college graduate who is now living back with her parents while searching for employment. Until she finds that 'perfect job' her 'best friend from high school', Zane, has got her a job working in the back of a bar. As it turns out Zane and his co-workers are no ordinary barrels - using various specifically mixed cocktails gives them certain powers for a limited time (example Martini = invisibility) and they use these powers to keep the drinkers of Chicago safe from demons that prey on them when alcohol has had it's effect.
After stumbling onto the fact she is a natural radiologist Bailey soon becomes part of the team. There is much for the reader to enjoy with this book.The three main strands -fighting the Tremens (the aforementioned demons), the search for the perfect Long Island Ice Tea (the Holy Trail of cocktails that could have devastating consequences for the human race if it falls into the wrong hands) and all the 'personal life's stuff you would expect from this kind of book - all sit well together and the story as a whole certainly left me hoping there will be more.

What makes this book that little bit different is that throughout the story there are sections from The Devil's Water Dictionary which is, basically, the mixologists must have guide to cocktails and their uses. Very entertaining and useful if you wish to make your own cocktails (I'll certainly be trying a few out).

All in all this was a fun read and if you are a fan of Buffy and Urban Fantasy certainly worth your time. Also, the book itself is really nicely put together so well done Quirk Books for that.

4/5 stars

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