Wednesday 8 June 2016

Ashley's Tale by Mike Duke - A Review

Ashley's Tale is only short (around 54 pages) but it certainly packs plenty in. It starts in brutal fashion with Ashley being kidnapped at knife point and, to be honest it made for slightly uncomfortable reading for a short while. Things picked up quickly though when the realisation of what was happening kicked in. It's tricky to review this short story without dropping spoilers so I'm going to trust and hope that you will pick it up and see for yourself.

I will say though that following Ashley's journey was interesting with enough twists and revelations to keep
momentum going. The ending leaves things open for more of the story.

In short, a dark, intense, violent tale of revenge with characters of dubious morality that hooked me in. For a first time author this is impressive stuff - bring on the next

4/5 stars

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