Friday 18 January 2013

After The Fairytale by Angie Hulme (a review)

Right, first things first, I must say I read this book several years ago and this review is based on that copy. The kindle edition is to be published sometime in the middle of January and may differ (though only very slightly)

The story is a continuation of the tale of Cinderella and what comes after.

As it begins, the ball is over, and Cinderella (now Queen Cinderella) is married to King Osman). This does not sit well with Royston - Osman's boyfriend of 15 years (yes, you read that right!). Also, the Wicked Stepmother is dead, the Evil Stepsisters are loocked up and the Fairy Godmother is banished to a tower by the sea.

There is everything you good want from a good fairytale here with just the right amount of twistyness. The land of Lamonsia is beautifully described and the weird and wonderful creatures that inhabit this world fit in just right.

So, treat your kindle, and come see what happens when "and they all lived happily ever after" has been and gone and life continues AFTER THE FAIRYTALE.

A 5* read

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