Sunday 18 March 2012

Protector (Anniversary of the Veil book 1) by Vanna Smythe - A Review


1000 years ago The Veil was formed that separated two realms and now, as the Anniversary approaches a sacrifice will need to be made to reinforce The Veil.
Princess Issiyanna (Issi) is the Beacon, one of the people needed to reinforce The Veil and a group of Keepers cross The Veil to abduct her and lead her to her purpose.
Kiyarran (Kae) has wanted to be a Protector all his life. He is a young man with powers that have not been seen for many many years. He is determined to rescue Issi.
That this is a first novel by Vanna Smythe is quite astounding. She not only tells a wonderful story with characters you can't help but care about, she also brings her world to life. The developing relationship between Issi and Kae is brought on steadily and at a pace that fits well with the story - when they are happy, you are happy for them, when things are going wrong you ache for them to be ok.
The secondary characters also bring something to the story. The Priests, who are the main power in Issi and Kae's world are mainly devious types with only their best interests at heart and their 'asassain branch' The Pure Ones are a particularly evil creation.
This book has certainly left me wanting more and I look forward to the next installment eagerly.
I had hopes for this book from the offset but I could never have hoped it would be this good.

Vanna Smythe is a stunning talent with a voice and storytelling ability that promises lots. I see a promising future for this author and I will be following her career closely.

I strongly recommend this to fantasy lovers but also to those who like a story well told

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