Saturday 24 March 2012

Answer to a question

Earlier this week I was asked a question on Twitter that got me thinking.
The question was with reference to my offer to review books - "Is there a cost for getting a book reviewed". My first thought was the obvious "no no no no no!"
I don't believe there is any place for "bought" reviews, because, let's be honest that's how it would seem to be. If I were to review a book and was paid for it and gave it 5 stars it could be taken that I have given 5 stars BECAUSE I was paid to do the review.
On the other hand, if someone were to pay me £x and I gave a poor review (let's say 2 stars), the author could easily turn round and say "hold on, I paid you £x to do this review, I want more stars than that"
So, my answer, as I said is NO! there is no cost for a review (bought reviews, like bought votes in an election, is wrong in my opinion). did get me thinking.
I cannot and will not charge for reviews but if you are appreciative of what I and other reviewers do, maybe you can do something "nice" for someone else, maybe put a donation in a charity box or something like that or try and support your local literacy support group. I guess what I'm trying to say is treat it like Karma - when you do something good, something good happens.
I hope this makes some kind of sense - please feel free to comment your opinions


  1. Good on you sir..I will donate to the Tiger fund.

  2. Fantastic idea, Andy! Let's spread the good Karma as far as we can! xx

  3. I feel so strongly about this that any author who pays for a review, and any site that accepts payment for a review should be beaten with a a big book

  4. I agree with this, I only want true honest reviews. I refuse to pay for a review.