Tuesday, 11 May 2021

The Robert B Parker Showcase with No Exit Press

 Welcome to my spot the Blogtour for 3 new releases from No Exit Press which are all set in the 'world' of Robert B Parker's crime novels


 First up is Ace Atkin's Someone To Watch Over Me. This novel features Parker's most popular creation Spenser and has the Boston PI investigating a 'billionaire money manager who is also into providing under age girls for his clients' needs' - and his own.

 I'll admit this was a tough read in places, especially as it is quite reminiscent of a recent high profile case in the real world, but I did enjoy the writing. At just over 200 pages this was a quickish read but one that sticks with you afterwards


 Next up is the first of two from Mike Lupica - Grudge Match featuring the PI Sunny Randall. Grudge Match has Sunny searching for the girlfriend of her gangster 'friend' missing. If Sunny helps find her Tony will 'clear the slate' and all favours owed will be forgotten.

 At first it seems like maybe she doesn't want to be found but after Sunny starts digging deeper it turns out things could run a lot deeper and Sunny may well have her work cut out to find her in time.

 I really enjoyed this one, a proper pocket sized thriller (again just over 200 pages) with characters that felt like I knew them from the start.


Finally, in Fool's Paradise we meet Police Chief Jesse Stone. A body is discovered with links to Stone and it's not long before he and his friends become targets too. Someone's out to get the Paradise Police Department.

 I think that, of the three, Fool's Paradise is my favourite. It is late on into the series (19th?) but reads ok as a stand-alone but I will be going back to the earlier books I believe.

 I first discovered Robert B Parker when he finished Raymond Chandler's Phillip Marlowe novel Poodle Springs after Chandler's death so to rediscover him through the authors who are continuing his own legacy (Parker himself died in 2010) has a certain kind of pleasing symmetry to it.


 I would certainly recommend all 3 of these and will be searching out more

 Thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me onto the tour and No Exit Press for providing the review copies. Please have a look at the posts by the other reviewers (below)

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