Friday 4 November 2022

The Soho Killer by Biba Pearce


From the back cover:

 'Detective Rob Miller gets a call he doesn’t want to take.

 Rob is called to London’s West End on personal business when he gets a call. A body has been discovered in Soho Square.

 The victim has whip marks on his back, a leather mask covering his face and a ball-gag in his mouth. The cause of death appears to be strangulation, but was it murder or a mistake?

 The evidence quickly stacks up against the victim’s partner, Ralph Keaton. Under pressure from his higher-ups, Rob arrests Ralph under suspicion of murder.

 But Ralph is adamant he’s innocent, and Rob’s gut is telling him the same thing. Yet Ralph lied about his alibi for the evening in question.

 Then another man’s body is found: bound, gagged and dumped in the middle of a busy London square without any witnesses.

 This killer is smart. It’s up to Rob to be smarter. But with a baby to look after and his boss breathing down his neck, Rob’s got a lot on his plate.

 Then the killer makes it personal

 Now everything’s on the line . . .'

 The Soho Killer is the latest in Biba Pearce's series featuring Detective Rob Miller and his team. The murders this time around are pretty gruesome and seem to be unfathomable at first but Miller and co. soon get their teeth into the case as the body count rises. The case takes the team to Soho (obviously) and the clubs and nightspots of the area and that reveals truths for one person - and I did feel this was handled really well.

 I only came to this series a month or so ago but it's quickly become one of my favourites as the author has a good way with building the team into a coherent unit, each taking their own responsibilities so it doesn't just become Miller the supercop. There are little nuggets thrown to the reader that promise more will unfold in the books to come (please tell me there will be more!!).

 As is often the case there is a 'twist' at the end and I really didn't see this one coming - to the point that I had to explain to my other half why I was shouting at my kindle. 

 All in all, an excellent addition to what is a very good series (although it can be read as a stand-alone)

4/5* recommended

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