Wednesday 13 November 2019

Eye of the Observer by David Tallerman

 And so, with a happy heart I return to the world of Tallerman's Black River Academy. As you may know by now The Academy is the place would be Dungeoneers and Questers go to learn their craft (well, let's be fair, D+D can be a very risky pursuit so it's good to get your necessary skills learnt and honed beforehand rather than just blundering in with a rusty poker that might, just might, one day turn into Excalibur)

Anyhoo, EotO sees our heroes from the previous books, Durren, Tia, Arein and Hule up to their necks in adventure and peril as they embark on their level 3 journey. This time round magic has gone awry - in a bad way. And it might just be our heroes own fault.

As with the previous books in the series this is pure D+D style fun that feels just like someone has taken a table-top gaming session and turned it into a book (and a blooming good one at that). With different classes, races, monsters, quests and all the peril a group of aspiring Dungeoneers can handle this is Tallerman doing what he does best - telling wondrous tales (Maybe he should be known as Tallerman the Teller an 🤣)

Highly recommended 6/5*

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