Sunday 2 June 2019

Bold Lies by Rachel Lynch

 Welcome to Day 7 of the blog tour for Bold Lies, the 5th in the DI Kelly Porter series.

DI Kelly Porter is based in The Lake District and so far all the books in this series have been set in and around that glorious landscape. With Bold Lies though we get a change of scene (if only for a short while. When a dead body turns up on her patch and two more in a secret lab in London it soon becomes apparent that there are links so DI Porter is off to the capital and her old stomping ground. Waiting for her there is her old partner, a not very nice chap (but well written) who 'threw her under the bus' to benefit his own career.

This is, as always, a twisty, turny tale and the two different locations worked well with the London characters giving the series a bit of fresh blood. We also get to see more of DI Porter's back story and obviously how things are progressing in her life 'now' so plenty to get your teeth into.

I recommend reading the whole series to get the full benefit of the excellent storytelling but Bold Lies also works well as a stand-alone tale.

Many thanks to Ellie Pilcher and Canelo for inviting me onto this blog tour and please

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