Sunday 17 June 2018

Gate 76 by Andrew Diamond - A Review

I'll be honest with you, Private Eye thrillers can go either way with me. If the lead doesn't have a good 'voice' the story has no life.

Thankfully, with Freddy Ferguson, author Andrew Diamond has got it very right indeed.

The story starts when Freddy spots a woman being forcefully escorted to a boarding gate at the airport. Once through she disappears, reappears with a change of image and boards a different plane. Not long after, the plane she should have been on explodes mid flight with loss of all life on board.

Back home Freddy and his fellow PI team are employed to find out what happened, who is behind the bombing etc. The search for the missing passenger is Freddy's own mission, as is finding out where she ties into the ever deepening mystery of missing drug money and possible police corruption.

I got through this in two days thanks to both the pacing and the intrigue levels.

Really enjoyable 4/5*

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