Saturday, 26 May 2018

Two books from Otter-Barry Books

Two books arrived in the post this week from Otter-Barry Books, a publisher I have not heard from before, and not my usual thing but, hey, they took the time to send it so I took the time to have a look.

First up then is Riding A Donkey Backwards (Wise and Foolish Tales of Mulla Nasruddin). This is a collection of 21 tales (all short, between 1 and 2 pages long) about Mulla Nasruddin, the wisest and most foolish man in the village. He manages to get himself in all sorts of silly situations and always thinks he's doing the right thing however silly it makes him love.

With lovely illustrations this is one that I think children will really enjoy.

Secondly (and if I'm being honest, my favourite of the two) is Is It A Mermaid by Candy Gourlay. In this tale Benji and Bel find a creature on the beach. They know it is a Dugong but the creature is convinced she is a mermaid. As they play together on the beach the Dugong shows them why she is a mermaid but the children aren't convinced - until it is time for her to go back into the sea.
The story here is a lovely one but when you add the illustrations (by Francesca Chessa) it becomes even more special.

As I said earlier I have never heard of Otter-Barry Books before but if these two gems are anything to go by I look forward to seeing many more of their books.

I think kiddies will love these books and I will be passing these two on to my niece.

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