Monday 1 January 2018

Here's To 2018 and The Art of War

Hello, and welcome to 2018. A new year with lots of new books to look forward to. I'm aiming to be a lot more active on the blog this year - I'm planning on doing a post or two every week, possibly more if I have more to say.

I'm starting with a quick post about a collection which i am reading a preview copy of. What I have read of it so far is of very good quality (but more on that when I've finished it.)

What I wanted to cover here though is reasons for wanting this collection on your shelves.

Reason 1: The quality of the authors (people like Mark Lawrence, John Gwynne, Anna Stephens and Nicholas Eames to name but a few)

Reason 2: This book is to support Doctors Without Borders which, I feel, is a very good cause indeed.

I'll post more on here when I have it.

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