Monday 4 December 2017

The Night Market by Jonathan Moore

It starts with a particularly nasty murder! When Detective Ross Carver and his partner (Jenner) go to investigate they are not long on the scene before 6 FBI agents turn up in Hazmat gear and take over. Carver and Jenner are quickly removed, sent to a mobile decontamination unit and...

Ross wakes up in his apartment 3 days later to find his neighbour, Mia, sat by his bed, reading aloud, and that he has no memory of what has happened since before the murder scene.

Trust me, this book is a weird one. Set in the near future there are enough Sci-Fi elements to almost qualify it for that genre but what it is in its heart of hearts is Future Crime Noir. From the very beginning Carver doesn't know what is happening and the reader is very much in the same boat. Things get a bit clearer around the 60% mark but I was still left guessing right up to the very end.

Moore paints near future San Francisco with a very black brush, very seedy and derelict but also makes it interesting. I found myself at several stages of the story just begging someone to film this, it needs to get the big screen treatment, it really does.

I did nearly put this book down early on, mainly because I was constantly thinking WTH am I reading, but thankfully the story got it's claws into me and before long I was reading into the early hours.

4/5 stars

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