Thursday 28 April 2016

Neverlight by Dan Weatherer - A Review

Neverlight is the third collection by Dan Weatherer that I have had had the pleasure of reading. As with his other books there is a mixture of short stories and flash fiction, and both types are of a very high standard. The thing with Weatherer's story telling is that his voice and his stories are timeless, in such a way that some feel modern and some have the feel and style of the likes of Lovecraft. There is horror here (Incubation, My First Horror Story) but there is humour too (A Butcher's Wife Indisposed). This is one of those story collections that will have you thinking "just one more before I go to sleep" but that 'one' will turn into several and's dark........and.......what's that noise coming from your wardrobe?........

All in all, this is a worthy addition to the authors' work and yet another example that Dan Weatherer is a name to look out for.

I will add to this that Dan Weatherer is a man of many talents - as well as short stories and flash fiction he has stage plays to his name also. A full length novel in the works? Of course he has - and I will be at the front of the queue when that comes out and you'll find the review on my blog.

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