Tuesday 9 February 2016

Thought's On Jen Williams' Copper Cat Trilogy

So, yesterday morning I finally came to the end of 'The Silver Tide' the final volume in Jen Williams' Copper Cat trilogy. I started out reading these books when the first one (The Copper Promise) had a small article about it in SFX Magazine about two years ago. Long story short I liked the sound of it, contacted the author through social media about the release date and waited till I could download it for my Kindle.

The Copper Promise was all I hoped it would be and more. Here were adventurers, dungeons, dragons, magic, traps, and a vividly portrayed world. From the off the adventures of Lord Aaron Frith, Sir Sebastian and The Copper Cat herself Wydrin of Crosshaven felt like time spent with friends and that is something I don't often get with fantasy fiction. I finished that book and waited for the next, The Iron Ghost.

A year later it appeared and I set into it. If anything this was even better, a new area of the world to explore, new characters added to the mix, new creatures, new magic and all tied in nicely to the previous volume. Finished it, loved it and got ready to wait for the final volume which I was lucky enough to get a preview copy of.

Starting The Silver Tide was, to be honest, a bitter sweet experience. It was great to be in the company of The Black Feather 3 again but there was also the knowledge that 'this is it', the last adventure for Wydrin and co. I didn't want it to be over. With this final volume the scene has changed again, our 3 intrepid heroes are hired by Devinia the Red, a pirate captain (who just happens to be Wydrin's mother) to help get her ship to the centre of the Isle of Euriale, a mystical place that nobody has ever returned from. We go from icy tundra in book 2 to steamy jungle here, another change of scenery that keeps everything fresh. Again, more new characters (and some returning ones I maybe wasn't expecting), new magic etc.......................and then we enter the endgame!!!!!!



I'd hoped for good things for this final instalment but never expected or hoped it would be as good as this. All the hints and foreshadowing are tied up nicely, the battle scenes are beyond epic and the imagery is both vivid and beautiful.

And the final scene, well, let's just say I had a tear in my eye but at the same time punching the air thinking 'BOOM!, that's how it's done!!'

Jen Williams has done an amazing job with this series and I highly recommend it. A proper review will follow soon

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