Thursday 10 September 2015

Witches of Lychford by Paul Cornell

In a little village in the heart of the English countryside a supermarket chain is planning to open a new store. The locals are divided, some want it, some don't. What very few of them realise is that their is a much deeper, darker threat to them all than a few local stores closing down. It is up to three locals to save the village (and possibly the world!) but can they put their differences aside and work together?

Witches of Lychford is urban fantasy moved out to the countryside (so maybe Rural Fantasy - hey, maybe we've just started a whole new genre!!). It isn't a long story but also doesn't feel novella like in size. The main characters each have their moments and enough time for some backstory and development. All in all Paul Cornell has done a grand job here. If I had to make comparisons I'd say it's in the same league as Charles de Lint at his best. An ideal  book for a cold Autumn night.

I really, really hope that Mr. Cornell will take us all back to Lychford sometime soon, there are more stories to be told, I'm sure

8.5/10 stars

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