Thursday 26 March 2015

Rise To Me by Shani Stuthers - a review

This is the second in the Psychic Surveys series which began with The Haunting of Highdown Hall last year. Based in Lewes, East Sussex  Psychic Surveys is a business that, among other things,  helps spirits grounded in this world to move 'into the light'.

Rise To Me is a darker book than Highdown Hall was....much darker. Things that were hinted at in the first book are brought to the fore and affect the dynamic of the team when they need to be at their strongest. Things really kick off when Ruby, the owner of Psychic Surveys, goes with her boyfriend Cash to try and help his brothers friend who seems to be battling several demons. Whatever is haunting him seems to latch onto Ruby and so starts a battle for her soul and her sanity that will take all that the Psychic Surveys team have and even that may not be enough.

The story touches on the story of Aleister Crowley, which may give you an idea as to how 'dark' it is, certainly not a 'fluffy' ghost story. There are moments that may well keep you up at night (and not just for the scary bits - it really is a book that will keep you turning the pages just to see how it will all turn out). The ending was satisfying, to say the least, everything tied up nicely and an earlier 'side mystery' was put to bed.

I had been waiting for this book ever since finishing Highdown Hall and was not disappointed (apart from the fact that I am now waiting for the next in the series, which can't come soon enough

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  1. Ah, Andy, thank you so much for a great review of Rise to Me. Psychic Surveys Book Three is just in the process of being started but meanwhile there's Eve to come - a short novel that features Ness and Theo from Psychic Surveys, is set in 1999 (before they've met the rest of the team) and centres around a single case - that'll be out in September hopefully. Love your review, am so glad you liked PS2.