Tuesday 2 September 2014

The Legend Of The Chained Oak - Movie Review

When a local writer begins to investigate Oakamoors mysterious chained Oak, the chance find of a seventeenth century journal detailing the reasons for the Oaks chaining throws a new and terrifying light on the popular legend. Accounts of human sacrifice, witchcraft and warnings of a curse placed on the village by a woman named Mabel Othan litter the tattered pages. An enthusiastic and experienced team is hastily formed and begin to investigate the journals outlandish claims. However, as they begin to dig deeper into the myth and folklore that surrounds the Oak, a series of chilling events lead the team to believe that maybe the horrifying claims of witchcraft and human sacrifice made by the journal hold an element of truth after all… (taken from the accompanying film description)

I've just had the privilege of watching this little gem of a short film and must say I am really impressed with it. I read the story (same title) a while back and was interested in seeing the finished results of the film so, thankfully, Dan Weatherer, the author, agreed to send me a copy. As is right I will give my honest opinion of it.

This is a low budget film (£500 to make) but it comes over a lot better than a lot of films with budgets that would dwarf this amount. The acting by all involved is believable, especially the leading ladies, Amy and Faye Ormston who do "hysterically terrified" really well. As well as the cast, the local scenery adds to the 'fear effect', especially when the investigators attempt to contact Mabel at the site of the titular Chained Oak. Most of the story is done in a 'filmed documentary' but the bits that really unsettle are when there are just the cameras left on at night.

I really don't want to drop any spoilers here,so all I'll say is, if you get a spare half hour and the opportunity to see this film, take it. Do whatever you need to do to see it, but don't, whatever else you do, disturb Mabel!!!

4.5/5 stars - Well done to all involved

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