Thursday 24 July 2014

Wheel-Mouse vs All The Crazy Robots by Celyn Lawrence - a review

I found this book via a post on Facebook. It is a charity book with all proceeds going to help Celyn's hospice respite care, I believe. Celyn is only 8 years old, has Cerebral Palsey and can only communicate via an interface type board.

The book is not long but the story in it is fantastic and very entertaining. The hero is, as you would guess from the title, a mouse who zumms around in a special wheelchair (zumming is much faster than zooming!) The people are under threat from All The Crazy Robots. The robots do poos, they even do poos when they are flying. The robots poo on everything and everyone - and only Wheel-Mouse can save the day.

The story has everything a young reader, or youngster being read to would want (a heroic mouse, robots and poo - what more could you ask for). The book is illustrated by the author's dad and these illustrations are a delight which just add to the loveliness of the story.

After finishing the book I found my thoughts wandering back to it and to the author and when I think back I don't think of Celyn as a poorly little girl, I think of a little lady who would have been laughing her little socks off at the antics of Wheel-Mouse, the robots (and let's not forget all the poo).

If you can see it in your heart to download this book (77p) then thank you very much indeed (and don't worry if you don't have a child to share the story with -I'm 47 and I loved it.

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