Monday 17 June 2013

Tethers by Jack Croxall (a review)

This YA novel by newcomer Jack Croxall is a wonderful story of adventure set in Victorian London.

Two weeks ago 13 year old Karl was caught trespassing in a village neighbours garden but before he is caught he sees, through the window, an engraved silver box which looks out of place among the clutter of the house. Although told by his mother to stay away, he returns with his friend Esther. There is no sign of the box, or Mr. Statham, the neighbour so Karl and Esther break in, only to find out they are not alone! They escape the other intruders, barely, but not before Karl discovers a note book under the floorboards.

This notebook is the start of a journey that will lead the two children from their tiny village of Shraye to the by land and by river to Nottingham, with peril at every turn and enemies round every corner Karl and Esther will need all the help they can get from their new friends to stay alive and out of denger.

I was quite surprised to find this is Jack Croxall's first book. The characterisation is a joy and the setting is such that rather than reading the story you, at times, feel you are there.

As a story it reminded me, as others have noted, of the Sally Lockheart novels of Phillip Pullman, by way of The Famous Five. A wonderful debut and hopefully the story is not over yet.

If you have a young adult reader, treat them to this book, if not, treat yourself

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