Friday 26 April 2013

Full Circle by Terry Tyler (a review)

This book is a follow on to last year's Dream On, so the first point I have to make is that you really ought to read Dream On first. The majority of the characters from Dream On reappear at some time during this story and 'knowing them' before hand really improves the read (trust me, I've been waiting for this with an itchy kindle since I heard it was coming out and I wasn't disappointed - far from it in fact.

The story takes place three to four years after the events of Dream On. At the start Dave is living with his partner Isabel and their baby, Ariel is back from a failed attempt to crack the American music scene, Shane is 'up north' with his partner and their baby and Janice is settling into married life. The rock band Thor are still going, although without Shane who is now in a Bon Jovi tribute band.

The core of the story, as before, revolves mainly around the will they/won't they of Dave and Aerial. They are obviously meant to be together but there always seems to be something in the way - and I'm not saying either way.

A lot of the magic and fun with this tale though comes from the other characters, the 'extras' if you like. Mel is little changed from before, still aiming for the life of celebrity and Hello magazine, Shane likewise is still the same as he always was, and even though he is devoted to his baby daughter he still can't resist the temptations of the flesh.

This may all come across as a bit chick-lit but trust me, this is a story for male and female readers both. I found, as soon as I started reading that it was like meeting up with old friends, the kind you really enjoy spending time with and miss when they are not there.

The author, Terry Tyler, seems to be getting  stronger and more confident  with each book she writes and I am looking forward to more from her in the future. The book is neither heavy going or lightweight fluff, just a well told tale of friends, lovers, family and ROCK!!!

Very much recommended

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  1. Thanks so much for this wonderful review, Andy - gosh, it puts the pressure on for the next one, too!!! xxx