Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Wheel of Time re-read (books 1-4) by Leigh Butler (a review)

WOW!!! I wasn't sure at first, reading somebody else's thoughts on a fantasy series that is very dear to my heart, but within the first couple of chapters I was hooked.

The chapters are broken down into two parts - What Happened (speaks for itself really, but it is a brief description of evevts in the chapter, and Commentary, which is Ms. Butler's thoughts on those events.

Each chapter is short, punchy and does exactly what it needs to to fill you in with all the salient points, but also has enough "Oh, yeah, I'd forgotten about him/her/that place/event" moments as well.

In short, Ms. Butler has done a fantastic job with this re-read and made a priceless accompaniment to The Wheel of Time series.

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