Saturday 30 June 2012

Dangerous Temptation Preview (by Catrina Barton) - a review

First things first, please take note that this book is a preview of a book that will be published in full at a later date.
The story tells of two young people, Kaitlin Sinclair in America and Cadmon in Indonesia.
Kaitlin is living with her father's friend due to her mother having died and her father serving in the armed forces. She comes across as quite a "strong willed" young woman, but quite a likeable character.
Cadmon becomes the leader of his people after the death of the former leader. He is also a shapeshifter with the ability to take the form of a tiger.
The paths of the two lead characters cross when Kaitlin has to go to Indonesia and it is easy to see the potential chemistry early on.
Although this is a Young Adult book, don't make the mistake of thinking "oh, it's just another Twilight" - it is so much more than that.
The author has very good descriptive skills and this comes over especially well in the Indonesian section.
For me the complete version of this book cannot come out soon enough.

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  1. Hi, I'm so sorry. I just now saw this. XD
    Thank you for your kind review. :)