Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Only The Good Burn Bright by Dan Weatherer - a review

First things first, let it be known I was sent a copy of this as a review file for my kindle in exchange for a fair and honest review - and here's the first honest bit..........I enjoyed it so much I went to Amazon and paid for a proper copy - it really is that good.

This is  the second short story from Dan Weatherer  (the previous being 'The Soul That Screamed')  and is pretty much what I was hoping for.

The author has a really good touch when it comes to telling a tale and shows his skills by mixing things up a bit. You get what is almost a novella to kick things off with 'Behind Every Door', proper short stories and the occasional bit of Flash Fiction. Dan tells historical tales, downright nasty tales and even one (Mad About Marcy) which is told in telephone transcript (this was possibly my favourite of the whole collection). He also has many 'story telling voices' which is quite refreshing. You never quite know what you are getting next........well..........most of the time...........

One character makes a return appearance from 'The Soul That Screamed' and it was one of the stand outs from that collection (so, yeah, in that one instance I did know exactly what I was getting). That character is Agnes Ferry, aka The Butchers Wife, who gets a visit from her sister in 'A Butcher's Wife Interrupted. This was the first story I looked out for and I wasn't disappointed.

All in all, this is a good collection that will keep you entertained while also keeping you watching over your shoulder. The only thing letting it down is that there are a few typo's (but not too many - I've seen a lot worse) so for that I am giving it 9/10 stars

I leave you with one thought - remember the name Dan Weatherer. One day the world will wake up and take notice of this guy's talent.

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